Cultural Baggage 2011

  • 12/25/11 SpecialMP3 | TXT

    Drug Truth Network "Best of 2011": Froma Harrop, Robert Platshorn, Pamela Constable, DTN editorial, Steven DeAngelo, Sandy Moriarty, Cliff Shaffer, Charles Minn, Dr. Tom O'Connel.

  • 12/18/11 Joy StricklandMP3 | TXT

    Joy Strickland, director of Mothers Against Teen Violence, on the Jan. 11-13 drug conference in Texas; Project Imagin*tion; Neal Peirce op-ed and appeal to U.S. Rep. Ted Poe.

  • 12/11/11 Russ JonesMP3 | TXT

    Russell Jones, LEAP speaker, author of "Honorable Intentions"; ABC report on dispensary Christmas toy drive; CNN report on DEA laundering money for Mexican cartels.

  • 12/04/11 Jeffrey DhywoodMP3 | TXT

    Jeffrey Dhywood, author of "World War D: The Case Against Prohibitionism," presents a roadmap to controlled relegalization; The New York Times reports that the DEA laundered Mexican cartel drug money.

  • 11/27/11 Susie ByrdMP3 | TXT

    Beto O'Rourke and Susie Byrd, co-authors of "Dealing Death and Drugs"; Terry Nelson of LEAP giving thanks for the collapse of the drug war.

  • 11/20/11 Eric SterlingMP3 | TXT

    Eric Sterling, president of the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation; Terry Nelson of LEAP; Mary Jane Borden presents Drug War Facts.

  • 11/13/11 Richard BransonMP3 | TXT

    Reform Conference report with Richard Branson, Aaron Houston, Lynn Paltrow and Mexican poet Javier Cecelia.

  • 11/06/11 Gavin NewsomeMP3 | TXT

    Reform Conference in Los Angeles opening session with Gavin Newsome, lieutenant governor of California; Pete White, founder and co-director of the Los Angeles Community Action Network; and Alice Huffman, president of NAACP of California.

  • 10/30/11 Adam AssenbergMP3

    Adam Assenberg, a medical marijuana patient in Washington state; Phil Smith discusses corrupt police stories; Mary Jane Borden of Drug War Facts; Cato's take on the drug war; Drug Truth Network editorial.

  • 10/23/11 Tony NewmanMP3 | TXT

    Tony Newman of the Drug Policy Alliance on the forthcoming reform conference in Los Angeles, Nov. 3-5, 2011; former President of Mexico Vicente Fox interviewed on BBC.

  • 10/16/11 James P. GrayMP3 | TXT

    Retired Superior Court Judge James P. Gray, author of "Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed and What We Can Do About It: A Judicial Indictment of the War on Drugs."

  • 10/09/11 David BratzerMP3 | TXT

    10 years of the Drug Truth Network: David Bratzer, a working constable in Victoria, B.C., Canada, who seeks an end to the drug war and a job on the school board; Philip Guffy; Glenn Greenway; Mary Jane Borden; and "Class Warfare" PSA.

  • 10/02/11 George W. GraysonMP3 | TXT

    George W. Grayson, senior associate at the Center for Stategic and International Studies, author of "Mexico: Narco-Violence and a Failed State?"; and Terry Nelson of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition on how the drug war creates atrocities.

  • 09/25/11 Diana Washington ValdezMP3 | TXT

    Diana Washinton Valdez; El Paso Times reports on increasing drug war corruption on U.S. side of the border; Phil Smith of Drug War Chronicle; Steve Fox of National Cannabis Industry Association; Dr. Steven Davies and Mary Jane Borden on increasing opiate use.

  • 09/18/11 Steve WishniaMP3 | TXT

    Remembering Tom Croslin and Rollie Rohm, gunned down at Rainbow Farm, with reporter Steve Wishnia, Rev. Steven B. Thompson, attorney Matt Abel and Melody Karr; Mary Jane Borden discusses whether the drug war is linked to the war on terror, and DTN editorial "What is the Benefit of the Drug War?"

  • 09/11/11 Mary Jane BordenMP3 | TXT

    From Oaksterdam, California, interviews with a dozen cannabis industry vendors; Mary Jane Borden with Drug War Facts.

  • 09/04/11 Richard LeeMP3 | TXT

    Oaksterdam Cannabis Street Fair report with Richard Lee, Debbie Goldsberry, Steven DeAngelo, Dr. Michael Aldrich, Michelle Aldrich, Steve Bloom, Marsha Rosenbaum Mary Jane Borden.

  • 08/28/11 John DelaneyMP3 | TXT

    John Delany, a Texas judge, speaks for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition; Dale Jones of Oaksterdam University on the forthcoming marijuana street fair; Tim Beck on the Supreme Court ruling and busts in Michigan.

  • 08/21/11 Mary Lynn MathreMP3 | TXT

    Nurse Mary Lynn Mathre of Patients Out of Time; Steven Colbert on drug reformers; Terry Nelson of LEAP; Drew Bairnsfather of Christians Against Prohibition.

  • 08/14/11 Matt ElrodMP3 | TXT

    Matt Elrod of DrugSense on Canada's "progress" toward U.S.-style drug laws; Terry Nelson of LEAP and Mario Canseco of Angus-Reid polling organization on the 55 percent of Americans in favor of legal weed.

  • 08/07/11 Christian ParentiMP3 | TXT

    Christian Parenti, author of "Tropic of Chaos: Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence," and a DTN editorial.

  • 07/31/11 Terry NelsonMP3 | TXT

    Terry Nelson of LEAP on the abject failure of the drug war; Houston Chronicle reports on "Cartel Money Market."

  • 07/24/11 Annette FuentesMP3 | TXT

    Annette Fuentes, author of "Lockdown High: When the Schoolhouse Becomes a Jailhouse"; President Obama says no to ending the drug war.

  • 07/17/11 John GiblerMP3 | TXT

    John Gibler, author of "To Die in Mexico: Dispatches from Inside the Drug War"; Terry Nelson of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

  • 07/10/11 Leigh MaddoxMP3 | TXT

    Leigh Maddox, former Baltimore Police Captain; Mary Jane Borden on the Swiss "needle park" rumors; DTN editorial.

  • 07/03/11 Peter FerentzyMP3 | TXT

    Peter Ferentzy, author of "Dealing With Addiction: Why the 20th Century Was Wrong"; Dr. Joel Hochman and Cliff Schaffer of

  • 06/26/11 Eapen ThampyMP3 | TXT

    Eapen Thampy, director of Americans for Forfeiture Reform; artist Lindy, author of "No Knock Raid"; Terry Nelson of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

  • 06/19/11 Neill FranklinMP3 | TXT

    LEAP conference on 40 years of the drug war, with Neill Franklin, Terry Nelson, Eric Sterling and Leigh Maddox; Drug War Facts with Mary Jane Borden.

  • 06/12/11 Peter MoskosMP3 | TXT

    Peter Moskos, former Baltimore police officer, author of "In Defense of Flogging"; Mary Jane Borden with Drug War Facts; Michelle Alexander, author of "The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness."

  • 06/05/11 Molly MolloyMP3 | TXT

    Molly Molloy and Charles Bowden, editors of "El Sicario: The Autobiography of a Mexican Assassin."

  • 05/29/11 Richard LeeMP3 | TXT

    Richard Lee, president of Oaksterdam Marijuana University, on the forthcoming effort to legalize marijuana in California; Adam Assenberg, a medical marijuana patient; DTN editorial "Face the Inquisition."

  • 05/22/11 Robert MelamedeMP3 | TXT

    Dr. Robert Melamede, president of Cannabis Science, on the homeostasis of the marijuana plant on the human condition; Fox report on CPS drugging 3-year-old of parents who tested positive for drugs.

  • 05/15/11 Cliff ThorntonMP3 | TXT

    Cliff Thornton, director of Efficacy-Online, on racial disparities within the drug war; Terry Nelson of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

  • 05/08/11 Joy StricklandMP3 | TXT

    Joy Strickland, director of Mothers Against Teen Violence, at the DPA partners conference in Denver; Ethan Nadelmann, director of Drug Policy Alliance.

  • 05/01/11 Greg BergerMP3 | TXT

    Greg Berger, filmmaker, professor and journalist, reports on the Mexican drug war; tribute to marijuana activist Ben Masel who died of lung cancer.

  • 04/24/11 Dr. David BearmanMP3 | TXT

    Reports from NORML conference in Denver with Dr. David Bearman and Steve Dillion; Paul Armentano of NORML.

  • 04/17/11 Jodi JamesMP3 | TXT

    Jodi James, Florida activist and candidate, speaks regarding 4/20 events and activism; Terry Nelson of LEAP; Mary Jane Borden with Drug War Facts.

  • 04/10/11 Susan BoydMP3 | TXT

    Susan C. Boyd, author of "Hooked: Drug War Films in Britain, Canada and the United States"; Moises Naim, international columnist, says it is "time to expedite drug war options."

  • 04/03/11 Nastassia WalshMP3 | TXT

    Margaret Dooley-Sammuli of the Drug Policy Alliance and Nastassia Walsh of Justice Policy Institute, authors of reports on the failure of drug courts.

  • 03/27/11 Martin LeeMP3 | TXT

    Martin A. Lee, co-author of "Acid Dreams: The Complete Social History of LSD"; Amanda Fielding, director of Beckley Foundation in the U.K.

  • 03/20/11 Sanho TreeMP3 | TXT

    Sanho Tree of the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, D.C.; Adam Assenberg reports on the DEA theft of Social Security funds for running a compassion club in Washington state.

  • 03/13/11 Joseph CollumMP3 | TXT

    Joseph Collum, author "The Black Dragon: Racial Profiling Exposed"; Terry Nelson of LEAP; Drug War Facts with Mary Jane Borden.

  • 03/06/11 Stanton PeeleMP3 | TXT

    Dr. Stanton Peele, author of "Addiction Proof Your Child"; Ethan Nadelmann of Drug Policy Alliance on the media's stance on drug reform.

  • 02/27/11 Phil SmithMP3 | TXT

    Phil Smith of Stop the Drug War; Carlos Fuentes courtesy of PBS; Steven Colbert does drug "side effects."

  • 02/20/11 James D. CockcroftMP3 | TXT

    James D. Cockcroft, author of "Mexico's Revolution: Then and Now"; Terry Nelson of LEAP; U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul.

  • 02/13/11 Matt ElrodMP3 | TXT

    Matt Elrod of DrugSense on the failure of mandatory minimum sentences to gain traction in Canada; Matt McCauley's speech to Washington state legislature; Fox TV report on Colorado marijuana laws.

  • 02/06/11 Irvin RosenfeldMP3 | TXT

    Irvin Rosenfeld, author of "My Medicine," receives 300 marijuana cigarettes from the U.S. government every 25 days; James Gilheany, medical marijuana patient; Sandy Moriarty, head chef at Oaksterdam University.

  • 01/30/11 - Steve DeAngeloMP3 | TXT

    Steven DeAngelo, executive director of Harborside Health Center, the world's largest cannabis distributor; Mary Jane Borden of Drug War Facts.

  • 01/23/11 - Terry NelsonMP3 | TXT

    Terry Nelson, after another year in Iraq, rejoins the Drug Truth Network; Kathy Bates from Harry's Law, the new NBC show; DTN editorial: "Outrage? Not a strong enough word!"

  • 01/16/11 - Robert PlatshornMP3 | TXT

    Robert Platshorn, author of "Black Tuna Diaries: The True Story of America's Most Notorious Marijuana Smuggler"; Bradley Weitzel, whose father was just sent to prison for 10 years for growing marijuana.

  • 01/09/11 - Froma HarropMP3 | TXT

    Froma Harrop, nationally syndicated columnist, calls for a re-examination of the drug war among journalists.

  • 01/02/11 - Adrian GarciaMP3 | TXT

    Top 10 domestic drug stories of 2010, courtesy Phil Smith of Stop The Drug War; Houston sheriff Adrian Garcia on the need to change the methodology of the drug war.