Cultural Baggage 2010

  • 12/26/10 - Robert Melamede MP3| TXT

    KushCon, the world’s largest convention centered around the marijuana industry: Dr. Robert Melamede, Cameron Lund, Jeremy from Green Works, Tami Finch, Rachel Gilette, Matthew Able, Krishna Madappa and Gemma Star of Pleasure Cafe.

  • 12/19/10 Gary Johnson MP3| TXT

    Reports from KushCon in Denver with Cheryl Shumer, Mason Tvert, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, Gus Esarvina, Tim McDowell.

  • 12/12/10 - Kathleen Staudt MP3| TXT

    Kathy Staudt, University of Texas at El Paso professor, on the situation in Mexico; Joy Strickland, founder of Mothers Against Teen Violence; Mary Jane Borden with Drug War Facts.

  • 12/05/10 - Neill Franklin MP3| TXT

    Neill Franklin, director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition; Daniel Robello of DPA on the horrors of the Mexican drug war; Mary Jane Borden with Drug War Facts asks, "What is harm reduction?"

  • 11/28/10 - Dick Carpenter MP3| TXT

    Dick Carpenter of the Institute for Justice, co-author of "Forfeiting Justice," and Grant Smith of Drug Policy Alliance on the prohibition of K2 or "spice."

  • 11/21/10 - Alan Clear MP3| TXT

    Harm Reduction Conference: Alan Clear, director of the Harm Reduction Coalition; Alexandra Goldman of the San Francisco Drug Users Union; "Taz" on drug laws in Afghanistan; A.T. Martin of Project NEON; Russ Jones of LEAP; Denise Drayton of Exponents; and Kyle Hauser, Haight-Ashbury youth counselor.

  • 11/14/10 - Brendan Kiley MP3| TXT

    Seattle journalist Brendan Kiley on the cocaine trade; Kara Gotsch from the Sentencing Project; Mary Jane Borden with Drug War Facts; 30-second "Drug War Addicts."

  • 11/07/10 - Jerry Epstein MP3| TXT

    Jerry Epstein of Drug Policy Forum of Texas on the Lancet report on alcohol as the most dangerous drug; Ethan Nadelmann on Prop. 19; Mary Jane Borden on the U.S. prison population; DTN editorial.

  • 10/31/10 - John Nova Lomax MP3| TXT

    John Nova Lomax, reporter for the Houston Press, and Mary Jane Borden discuss: "Does use of marijuana help with breast cancer?"

  • 10/24/10 - Joycelyn Elders MP3| TXT

    NAACP conference on racial bigotry in the drug war, with Dr. Joycely Elders, actor Danny Glover, Prop. 19 funder Richard Lee, Steven Gutwillig of DPA and Alice Huffman, director of the NAACP of California.

  • 10/17/10 - Terrance Poppa MP3| TXT

    Terrance Poppa, author of "Drug Lord: A True Story"; Phil Smith's take on Attorney General Eric Holder's stance on legalization of cannabis in California; Howard Wooldridge, supporter of Prop. 19.

  • 10/10/10 - Hanna Liebman Dershowitz MP3| TXT

    Hanna Liebman Dershowitz, co-chair of the Prop. 19 Legal Subcommittee, on why legalization will better protect children; Mary Jane Borden answers questions about the drug war.

  • 10/03/10 - Jeffrey Miron MP3| TXT

    Jeffrey Miron, Harvard professor, on his report for the Cato Institute, "The Budgetary Impact of Ending Drug Prohibition"; Bill Piper of the Drug Policy Alliance and Phil Smith of Drug War Chronicle on Schwarzenegger's signing the marijuana decriminalization bill.

  • 09/26/10 - Melissa Del Bosque MP3| TXT

    Melissa Del Bosque, writer for the Texas Observer, on "Postcards From a Cartel City"; Philippe Lucas on cannabis salve, oils and tinctures.

  • 09/19/10 - Allen St. Pierre MP3| TXT

    Allen St. Pierre, director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws; Dr. Mitch Earlywine; Mary Jane Borden; medical marijuana patient Tonya Davis; publisher Michael Lerner and author Steve Bloom.

  • 09/12/10 Madeline Martinez MP3| TXT

    NORML report from conference in Portland featuring Madeline Martinez, director of the World Famous Cannabis Cafe; Steve Dillon, director of NORML; Steve DeAngelo, director of Harborside Health Center; John Walker of Firedog Lake; Steff Sherrer of Americans for Safe Access; and Tristen Reismer, reporter for KPOV, Bend Oregon.

  • 09/05/10 - Alexandra Natapoff MP3| TXT

    Alexandra Natapoff, author of "Snitching: Criminal Informants and the Erosion of American Justice"; Dane Schiller, reporter for Houston Chronicle; attorney Tony Serra.

  • 08/29/10 - Jaime Felner MP3| TXT

    Jaime Felner of Human Rights Watch; Paul Armentano of NORML; Howard Woodridge of COPS; Sandy Moriarty; Dallas policeman Nick Novello for MedCan University.

  • 08/22/10 - Russ Bellville MP3| TXT

    Russ Bellville of NORML on the forthcoming conference in Portland; Brendan Kiley reports on U.S. cocaine; Neill Franklin on the National Black Police Association's endorsement of California's Prop. 19 on the legalization of cannabis.

  • 08/15/10 - Gretchen Burns Bergman MP3| TXT

    Gretchen Burns Bergman of Parents for Addiction Treatment and Healing; Randy Credico, senatorial candidate in New York; Mary Jane Borden with Drug War Facts; premiere of "Legalize" by Sloshtown.

  • 08/08/10 - Sanho Tree MP3| TXT

    Sanho Tree of the Institute for Policy Studies regarding travel to Bolivia and Colombia; Mary Jane Borden of Drug War Facts; Fox reporter for ending the drug war.

  • 08/01/10 - Larry Talley MP3| TXT

    Larry Talley, former naval intelligence officer, now with LEAP; Jasmine Tyler of Drug Policy Alliance; Oklahoma attorney Kevin Adams on the ongoing police corruption scandal in Tulsa.

  • 07/25/10 - Len Richmond MP3| TXT

    Len Richmond, producer of a new film, "What if Cannabis Cured Cancer?"; Michael Krawitz on the VA's allowing medical marijuana; Paul Armentano on false government statistics for emergency room visits for marijuana.

  • 07/18/10 - Dante Picazo MP3| TXT

    Dante Picazo and Jeff Blackburn of MedCan University, a Texas-based medical marijuana educational facility; Howard Wooldridge of Citizens Opposing Prohibition.

  • 07/11/10 - Casper Leitch MP3| TXT

    DTN host Dean Becker is joined by two other drug war radio hosts: Adam Assenberg of "Marijuana: Fact or Fiction" and Casper Leich of "Time 4 Hemp."

  • 07/04/10 - Ed Rosenthal MP3| TXT

    Ed Rosenthal discusses his new book, "Marijuna Growers Handbook"; Mikki Norris, editor of West Coast Leaf; Steve Fox of Marijuana Policy Project.

  • 06/27/10 - Jodie Emery MP3| TXT

    Jodie Emery discusses her Canadian husband's incarceration in U.S. prison for selling cannabis seeds; former servicemen Michael Krawitz and Josh Fenton discuss PTSD, medical cannabis and the Veterans Administration.

  • 06/20/10 - Eric Sterling MP3| TXT

    Otis McLay guest hosts the show, featuring Eric Sterling, president of Criminal Justice Policy Foundation.

  • 06/13/10 - Paul Wright MP3| TXT

    Paul Wright, editor of Prison Legal News; Mike Meno of Marijuana Policy Project; Sandy Moriarty, cannabis chef at Oaksterdam University; NPR starts to understand cannabis.

  • 06/06/10 - Dr. Tom O'Connell MP3| TXT

    Dr. Tom O'Connel, a thoracic surgeon in California; Mark Boris St. Maurice.

  • 05/30/10 - A.R. Torsone MP3| TXT

    A.R. Torsone, author of "Herb Trader: A Tale of Treachery and Espionage in the Global Marijuana Trade"; money laundering clips from "Need to Know" on PBS.

  • 05/23/10 - William Martin MP3| TXT

    William Martin, Fellow in Religion and Public Policy at Rice University's Baker Institute, welcomes the Drug Truth Network to their archives program; Diana Washington Valdez, a reporter for El Paso Times; Drug War Facts from Mary Jane Borden.

  • 05/16/10 - Barry Cooper MP3| TXT

    Barry Cooper of KopBusters; Dr. Robert Melameade of Cannabis Science; Paul Armentano of NORML.

  • 05/09/10 - Richard Lee MP3| TXT

    Richard Lee, founder of Oaksterdam University, on California tax and regulation measure; Matt Elrod of Drug Sense on Canadian drug laws; Irven Rosenfeld, author of "My Medicine," who gets 300 joints through the DEA every 28 days.

  • 05/02/10 - Beto O'Rourke MP3| TXT

    Beto O'Rouke, a city councilman from El Paso, and Clarence Bradford, a Houston councilman and former police chief, discuss the need to revamp drug laws.

  • 04/25/10 - Pat Lykos MP3| TXT

    Pat Lykos, district attorney of Harris County/Houston, sees need for continuity and change to drug laws.

  • 04/18/10 - Rick Doblin MP3| TXT

    Report from Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century, from San Jose California, featuring Dr. Rick Doblin, Robert Jesse, Dr. Charles Grob, Dr. Alicia Danforth and Earth & Fire Erowid.

  • 04/11/10 - Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn MP3| TXT

    Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn, director of Clergy Against Prohibition; Chris Hermes of Americans for Safe Access.

  • 04/04/10 - Scott Bullock MP3| TXT

    Scott Bullock of the Justice Institute on policing for profit; Allison Holcom of ACLU; ABC interview; BBC report on heroin injection in Vancouver.

  • 03/28/10 - Adrian Garcia MP3| TXT

    Adrian Garcia, sheriff of Harris County, discusses failings of the drug war and the need for change.

  • 03/21/10 - Victor Trevino MP3| TXT

    Harris County constable Victor Trevino discusses the need to examine drug laws, save money, prevent jail crowding, etc.; Neill Franklin, a working Baltimore cop and the new head of LEAP, discusses cannabis laws.

  • 03/14/10 - Dale Skye Clare MP3| TXT

    Reports from Oaksterdam University from professors, students, staff and interns.

  • 03/07/10 - Mary Lynn Mathre MP3| TXT

    Nurse Mary Lynn Mathre and Al Byrne of Patients out of Time on medical marijuana news and forthcoming cannabis conference; report from Oaksterdam University with professor Sandy Moriarty; Tom Daubert on medical cannabis news in Montana.

  • 02/28/10 - Richard Lee MP3| TXT

    Richard Lee, founder of Oaksterdam University, on the marijuana "death" in Ohio; Dr. Robert Melameade; Bill Piper of DPA; Tim Meehan on Canada's "progress."

  • 02/21/10 - Casper Leitch MP3| TXT

    Casper Leitch, host of Time4Hemp, invites DTN host Dean Becker as a guest; Abolitionist's Moment; request for respondents to complete pain killer survey.

  • 02/14/10 - Beto O'Rourke MP3| TXT

    El Paso city councilman Beto O'Rourke on the ultraviolence in their sister city of Juarez; Michael Blunk, board member of Students for Sensible Drug Policy.

  • 02/07/10 - Barry Cooper MP3| TXT

    Barry Cooper; corrupt police force story with Phil Smith; NPR extract on bail bond scams in U.S.; Abolitionist's Moment.

  • 01/31/10 - Cynthia Henley MP3| TXT

    Cynthia Henley, past president of the Houston Criminal Lawyers Association; DTN editorial and message to the Houston City Council; report from WTKR-TV, Roanoake, VA; Phil Smith.

  • 01/24/10 - Peter Christ MP3| TXT

    Peter Christ, founding member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, and Neill Franklin, working Baltimore policeman.

  • 01/17/10 - Phil Smith MP3| TXT

    Retired Superior Court Judge David Nichols for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition; Phil Smith of Drug War Chronicle on legal marijuana approval in California legislature hearing.

  • 01/10/10 - Dean Becker MP3| TXT

    Drug Truth Network listener calls about the mechanism of the drug war.

  • 01/03/10 - Phil Smith MP3| TXT

    Phil Smith, Drug War Chronicle reporter, on the top 10 drug reform stories of 2009; DTN Editorial: "Prohibition is Evil!"