Century of Lies 2014

  • 12/28/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay takes a look back at 2014: This week: We look back at the Global Commission on Drug Policy's report Taking Control: Pathways for Drug Policies that Work

  • 12/21/14 Doug McVayMP3

    Doug McVay Reports: Botticelli and Lynch nominations are returned to the president, new data from the Monitoring The Future Survey shows teen use rates dropping, and an interview with Steph Sherer of Americans for Safe Access.

  • 12/14/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Senator Cory Booker, Representative Luis Gutierrez, and Representative Keith Ellison testify before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee on civil rights and the US criminal justice system.

  • 12/07/14 Michael BotticelliMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay reports: This week: We look at the man who would be czar, Michael Botticelli.

  • 11/30/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Legislation is being introduced to allow VA doctors to recommend medical cannabis to their patients, so to find out more we talk with Michael Krawitz of Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access.

  • 11/23/14 Michael BotticelliMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay reports: Acting Drug Czar Michael Botticelli goes before the Senate Judiciary Committee to be confirmed as director of ONDCP, and Representative Earl Blumenauer speaks on the House floor about marijuana legalization.

  • 11/16/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay reports: The FBI releases its annual Uniform Crime Report, and we talk with Steve Rolles from the UK's Transform Drugs Policy Foundation about the recent US election and the upcoming UN General Assembly Special Session on Drugs in 2016.

  • 11/09/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay Reports: Following this weeks election, we talk with Sanho Tree of the Institute of Policy Studies and journalist Kristen Gwynne.

  • 11/02/14 Doug McVayMP3

    Doug McVay Reports: New research finds more than 39 million American adults suffer persistent pain, and Mark Kleiman talks about legal marijuana.

  • 10/26/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay reports: This week: We hear from experts on the international implications of US moves to legalize marijuana, and a short follow-up on the story of Eric Sinacori, the UMass-Amherst student who was entrapped by campus police and forced to become a snitch.

  • 10/19/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    We hear portions of the UN's Third Committee meeting on transnational crime and international drug control.

  • 10/12/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay: The CDC releases data on alcohol involvement on so-called opioid and other drug overdoses, we hear from ONDCP Acting Director Michael Botticelli and SAMHSA Administrator Pam Hyde on Recovery, and college debaters this season are discussing an end to prohibition.

  • 10/05/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay reports: The short life and tragic death of Eric Sinacori, and new research from the CDC on opioid overdose deaths in the US.

  • 09/28/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay reports: The feds release new data on drug use and the impact of drug policies, and Attorney General Eric Holder announces his resignation

  • 09/21/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay reports: September is Recovery Month so we hear from Patrick Kennedy and ONDCP's Acting Director Michael Botticelli; the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime looks at the DEA; and Students for Sensible Drug Policy's annual conference is coming up September 25 through 29th.

  • 09/14/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay reports: This week we discuss the Global Commission on Drug Policy's major new report on Pathways For Drug Policies That Work. Guest: Steve Rolles of Transform Drug Policy Foundation (UK).

  • 09/07/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay Reports: This week, we talk politics and drug policy reform: how it works, how people like you and me can make our voices heard and more than that have a real impact – locally, nationally, and globally. Guest: Sanho Tree.

  • 08/31/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay reports: A new drug czar is nominated, research about medical cannabis and opioid overdose, and a discussion with NORML's Paul Armentano.

  • 08/24/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay reports: This week show is part two of our coverage of Hempfest 2014. The event was held August 15th, 16th, and 17th in Seattle, Washington. I walked miles from one end of the fest to the other to get audio and photographs of the activists and organizers from around the country working to legalize marijuana and end the war on drugs.

  • 08/17/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay report: This week is part one of our coverage of Seattle Hempfest 2014. It's billed as the world's largest protestival, and it lives up to its reputation. The event is massive – three city parks, four music stages, and one smaller stage with panel discussions and in-depth presentations by leaders in the industry and the movement.

  • 08/10/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay reports DC will vote on marijuana legalization this November so we speak with Adam Eidinger of the DC Cannabis Campaign, and Congressman Beto O'Rourke participates in the summer reading assignment for US officials.

  • 08/03/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay reports: This week: the House government reform subcommittee holds a hearing on drugged driving.

  • 07/27/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay Reports: Oregon gets to vote on marijuana legalization, the House Judiciary Task Force on Prison Overcrowding holds its final hearing of the session, and we hear about the Summer Reading Assignment.

  • 07/20/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    The House of Representatives tells the IRS and US Treasury Department to keep their hands off state-legal marijuana businesses, Congress tries to interfere with DC decriminalization, and thousands of federal drug prisoners could receive a sentence reduction.

  • 07/13/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay reporting this week: The White House released its new annual drug strategy report so we hear from ONDCP Acting Director Michael Botticelli, plus NIDA Director Nora Volkow on heroin and prescription drugs.

  • 07/06/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay report: This week: research into medical cannabis and PTSD among veterans stymied, the CDC raises an alarm over prescription drug use, and we look at pain management for our nation's military.

  • 06/29/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay: Part 1 of our coverage of the June 26 Global Day of Action Against the Drug War, UN releases its world drug report, an Oregon update, plus we kick Dick Nixon around a little.

  • 06/22/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug Mcvay reports: Florida gets limited medical cannabis, the drug truth summer reading assignment about to get underway, and Oregon hopes to vote on marijuana legalization.

  • 06/15/14 Ethan NadelmannMP3 | TXT

    DPA teleconference re DEA obstruction with Ethan Nadelmann, Rep Rohrbacher, Rep Cohen, Dr. Carl Hart, Bill Piper and more

  • 06/08/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug Mcvay reports on Georgia attempt to urine test for welfare & European Union report on addiction

  • 06/01/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay report: This week: the House of Representatives tries to block DEA raids on state-legal medical cannabis facilities, and New York's State Senate tries to address heroin use.

  • 05/25/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay reports on The House Foreign Affairs Committee talks about the future of US-Mexico relations, and Openvape replaces its drug testing program with impairment testing

  • 05/18/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay with more from the Patients Out of Time clinical cannabis therapeutics conference; Senate Narcotics Caucus looks at heroin and other opiate use; and Minnesota passes a limited medical cannabis bill.

  • 05/11/14 Donald AbrahmsMP3 | TXT

    DTN reporter Doug McVay from Portland Oregon: Welcoming attendees to the Cannabis Therapeutics Conference. Patients Out of Time President Mary Lynn Mathre,Doctor Donald Abrams, Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of California-San Francisco

  • 05/04/14 Michelle LeonhartMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay report:Portions of a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing/lovefest from earlier this week with DEA Administrator Michelle Leonhart, Senator Patrick Leahy and Senator Charles Grassley talking about heroin, prescription drugs, and legal marijuana."

  • 04/27/14 Eric HolderMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay report: US Attorney General Eric Holder on efforts to crack down on opiate misuse: Martin Sheen, Judge Jim Gray of California, Sheriff Grayson Robinson of Colorado, Superintendent Rick Van Wickler of New Hampshire, and Judge Robert Francis of Texas .Mark Kleiman, professor of public policy in the UCLA School of Public Affairs; Kasia Malinowska-Sempruch; director of the Open Society Global Drug Policy Program; and Otto Pérez Molina, the president of Guatemala

  • 04/20/14 Edwin C. SandersMP3 | TXT

    Religious Leaders Release "Easter Statement" Calling for an End to the War on Drugs and Mass Incarceration, with Rev. Edwin Sanders, Rev. Kenneth Glaskow, Rev. Robina Winbush, Rev. John E Jackson, Rev. Michael McBride and Mike Allen of End Mass Incarceration Houston

  • 04/13/14 Eric HolderMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay of Drug War Facts report on Congressional hearing over drug laws with AG Eric Holder & US Rep Mario Diaz-Balart

  • 04/06/14 Terry NelsonMP3 | TXT

    Terry Nelson of LEAP speaks at the first ever conference of Republican's Against Marijuana Prohibition

  • 03/30/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay report: Part three of our coverage of the UN's Commission on Narcotic Drugs 57th annual session.

  • 03/23/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    DTN reporter Doug McVay summarizes The Commission on Narcotic Drugs situation which is holding its 57th annual session this week in Vienna. Featuring audio from Eliot Albers of INPUD, Allison Crocket of UNAIDS, and Russell Brand!

  • 03/16/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay reports on the 57th annual session of the United Nations' Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna.

  • 03/09/14 Jodie EmeryMP3 | TXT

    Jodie Emery on Global BC challenges SAM logic + Michelle Alexander author of "The New Jim Crow" & Asha Bandale of Drug Policy Alliance.

  • 03/02/14 Rebecca Richmond CohenMP3 | TXT

    Rebecca Richman Cohen, Producer of "Code of the West" + Al Franken, Doug Mcvay & Nixon, Maryland cops say NO, Willies weed whacked?, Jailer busted smoking in jail, Cops searches easier now, SNL-Nancy Grace, Texas to toke up?

  • 02/23/14 Dean BeckerMP3 | TXT

    Big NEWS from Mexico + Tons of drug war news from Atlanta, Utah, Texas, and beyond

  • 02/16/14 Daniel RobelloMP3 | TXT

    Daniel Robello of Drug Policy Alliance, Doug McVay of Drug War Facts, Ethan Nadelmann of DPA + drug news from NBC, CNBC

  • 02/09/14 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay report on Rep Cohen blasting the Deputy Drug Czar, Penny Howard uses Amazon hemp oil to treat seizures, Paul Armentano re Obama's options with cannabis, McGruff the crime dog busted

  • 02/02/14 William MartinMP3 | TXT

    Professor William Martin of the James A Baker III Institute + Matt Simpson of the Texas NAACP speaking at Texas Drug Conference.

  • 01/26/14 Carl HartMP3 | TXT

    Dr. Carl Hart, author of "High Price: A Neuroscientist's Journey of Self-Discovery"; Doug McVay on the decrease in the U.S. prison population.

  • 01/19/14 Grant SmithMP3 | TXT

    Grant Smith of Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) on the futility of the drug law; Michael Bolen, Canadian blogger for Huffington Post; James Capra of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) testilies before U.S. Senate.

  • 01/12/14 Maria McFarlandMP3 | TXT

    Maria McFarland, deputy director of the U.S. Program for Human Rights Watch; Doug McVay reports on racial disparity in the drug war; John Stewart versus Bill OReilly; Jodie Emery on Canada's Sun TV.

  • 01/05/14 Josh StanleyMP3 | TXT

    Josh Stanley discusses medical cannabis; Mason Tvert of the Marijuana Policy Project on MSNBC; THC content of cannabis stronger today than in the 1960s; Doug McVay reports on U.S. prison populations.