Century of Lies 2013

  • 12/29/13 Michael KrawitzMP3 | TXT

    Recap of 2013 with Michael Krawitz on veterans and cannabis, fugitive reporter "Lucy" from Blog Del Narco, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Willie Nelson.

  • 12/22/13 Jack ColeMP3 | TXT

    Jack Cole of LEAP with the top stories of 2013; Seattle Sheriff John Urquhart; Nora Valkow of the National Institute on Drug Abuse; Louis CK has a panic attack.

  • 12/15/13 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Guest host Doug McVay, editor of Drug War Facts, presents this week's show, featurring audio from the White House's drug policy conference, banking reforms for the U.S. marijuana industry and marijuana legalization news from Uruguay.

  • 12/08/13 Jamie FellnerMP3 | TXT

    Jamie Fellner of Human Rights Watch discusses forced plea bargains; Tony Poppa of DPA talks about his 15-to-life sentence; prison phone company rip-off; CBS Denver report on massive electricity used in growing marijuana.

  • 12/01/13 Pepe RiveraMP3 | TXT

    Report from New York City on Caravan for Peace, featuring Pepe Rivera, Gabriel Sayegh of Drug Policy Alliance and Daniel Gershenson.

  • 11/24/13 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay reports: Medical marijuana facilities raided in Denver and Boulder. Discussion about marijuana reform from the Drug Policy Alliance's Reform Conference in Colorado last month featuring Graham Boyd, Rob Kampia, Neill Franklin and others. Drug testing report released by Quest Diagnostics. New national drug treat assessment from DEA.

  • 11/17/13 Rick DoblinMP3 | TXT

    Panel on psychedelics: Rick Doblin, founder of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS); Robert Garcia-Romeau; and Brad Burge of MAPS.

  • 11/10/13 William MartinMP3 | TXT

    Drug Policy Alliance panel: "Language of Reform to Faith Leaders," featuring Craig DeRoche of Justice Fellowship, Dr. William Martin of the Religion and Public Policy Program at Rice University's Baker Institute, Dr. George Walters of Church and Prison Ministry, and Rev. Alvin Herring of Lifeline to Healing.

  • 11/03/13 Iva CarruthersMP3 | TXT

    Drug Policy Alliance conference: Faith Community Panel with Dr. Iva Carruthers, Rev. John E Jackson of Trinity United, Rev. Kenneth Glaskow and Rev. Peter Laarman of Justice not Jails.

  • 10/27/13 Paul ArmentanoMP3 | TXT

    Drug Policy Alliance conference panel, moderated by Amanda Reiman, with Paul Armentano, Dr. Laura McTighe, Marsha Rosenbaum and author Jacob Sullum.

  • 10/20/13 Phiip LevequeMP3 | TXT

    Henry Lee, San Francisco Chronicle reporter, on dangers of hash oil labs; Dr. Philip Leveque writes a column on medical marijuana for Salem-News.com; Cheryl Shuman on Ohio TV; Mary Jane Borden of OhioRightsGroup.org seeking marijuana reform on the ballot.

  • 10/13/13 Griffin LutzMP3 | TXT

    Griffin Lutz, former Travis County deputy, now works at a cannabis dispensary in Colorado; report from the Seattle cannabis market; Sunrise, Fla. police sell cocaine for profit; 7-year-old benefits from medical marijuana; Robin Williams discusses marijuana.

  • 10/06/13 Patrick LeahyMP3 | TXT

    U.S. Senate hearing on mandatory minimum sentences and the drug war, with Sen. Leahy, Sen. Grassley, Sen Paul. and more.

  • 09/29/13 Elizabeth Patty LugoMP3 | TXT

    Elizabeth Patty Lugo looks back five years since law enforcement sent Rachael Hoffman to inform for them and she was killed; Michael Douglas speaks about the drug war; CBS report on chronic pain; New York Times on Dr. Carl Hart; Doug McVay on Canada leading the way for heroin treatment.

  • 09/22/13 Steve DowningMP3 | TXT

    Steven Downing, former deputy police chief of Los Angeles and board member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, appeals to working sheriffs, police chiefs and administrators to examine drug war policy in "Open Democracy."

  • 09/15/13 Paul ArmentanoMP3 | TXT

    Paul Armentano of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), Jasmine Tyler of Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), Doug McVay of DrugWarFact.org, Seattle/King County Sheriff John Eckhart.

  • 09/08/13 George MartoranoMP3 | TXT

    George Martorano has served 30 years in prison, convicted of a first-time charge for marijuana; George's brother-in-law, John Flahive, discusses the case.

  • 09/01/13 Tom O'ConnelMP3 | TXT

    Dr. Tom O'Connel, 84-year-old retired Army surgeon, on the failure of the drug war and the benefit of medical cannabis.

  • 08/25/13 Steve DeAngeloMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay reports from Seattle Hempfest: Ben Livingston, reporter for The Stranger; Jeff Steinborn, attorney for NORML; Adam Eidenger of Dr. Bronner's Hemp Soap; Ed Forchien; comedian Ngaio Bealum; Mickey Marten, author; and Steve DeAngelo, director of Harborside.

  • 08/18/13 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay reports from Hempfest with Vivian McPeak, Kari Boiter, Eric Holder and Roger Christie on religious cannabis; Canada bans growing marijuana; Rabbi Kahn opens marijuana dispensary in D.C.

  • 08/11/13 Sanjay GuptaMP3 | TXT

    DEA/NSA editorial; Dr. Sanjay Gupta; DEA/NSA editorial #2; U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder; minister in Chile fights for medical marijuana; Rev. Carl Olsen and Share Christie on sacramental cannabis; 2-year-old is murdered by foster mother after being removed from her parents, who smoked marijuana.

  • 08/04/13 Katy CouricMP3 | TXT

    Justin Trudeau, candidate for prime minister of Canada, is in favor of marijuana reform; Canadian cannabis report; Sheryl Shuman's visit with Katy Couric.

  • 07/28/13 Vicente FoxMP3 | TXT

    Vicente Fox, former president of Mexico, blasts drug war; FOX report on Texas Republicans seeking an end to the drug war; Texas judge blasts drug war; Doug McVay report on prisons; DEA marijuana bust in Washington state; DTN editorial.

  • 07/21/13 Phil SmithMP3 | TXT

    Phil Smith of Drug War Chronicle on medical marijuana; Mexican violence; Tom Angel of Marijuana Majority; National Geographic segment on medical marijuana.

  • 07/14/13 Peter ChristMP3 | TXT

    Peter Christ, founding member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, speaks at a rotary club.

  • 07/07/13 Asa HutchinsonMP3 | TXT

    Ethan Nadelmann of Drug Policy Alliance debates former drug czar Asa Hutchinson at Aspen Freedom Festival.

  • 06/30/13 Rob KampiaMP3 | TXT

    Rob Kampia, director of the Marijuana Policy Project; David Nichols on DMT; Dr. James Fadiman; Dr. Tom Kingsley Brown.

  • 06/23/13 Adam AssenbergMP3 | TXT

    Adam Assenberg, a legal marijuana activist in Washington state running for sheriff; Lucius Wertmiller and Deiter Hachenbach, authors of "Life of Albert Hoffman"; interview with a MAPS volunteer; Dr. Ben Sessa.

  • 06/16/13 Shawn McCallisterMP3 | TXT

    Report from DFW NORML conference: Shawn McCalister, head of DFWNORML; Keith Stoup, legal counsel for NORML National; Terry Nelson of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition; and Rob Kampia, director of Marijuana Policy Project.

  • 06/09/13 Mke HydeMP3 | TXT

    Mike Hyde, father of 3-year-old Cash Hyde who passed away with a brain tumor but benefited from medical cannabis; Judge James P. Gray visits Texas to promote ending the drug war.

  • 06/02/13 Mayor BloombergMP3 | TXT

    600 NEw York doctors call for medical cannabis; New York City Mayor Bloomberg calls medical cannabis a "hoax"; Bill Maher editorial on cannabis use.

  • 05/26/13 Nuno CapazMP3 | TXT

    Nuno Capaz, Portugese drug commissioner; Neill Franklin, director of LEAP; Terry Nelson of LEAP; New York Times report on infants born to mothers who used cocaine during pregnancy.

  • 05/19/13 Steve DeAngeloMP3 | TXT

    Steven DeAngelo, president of Harborside Health Center in Oakland, the world's largest cannabis dispensary, speaks to the Students for Sensible Drug Policy in Denver.

  • 05/12/13 Pepe RiveraMP3 | TXT

    Caravan for Peace: Dispatch from New York City featuring Pepe Rivera, Gabriel Sayegh of DPA and Daniel Gershenson.

  • 05/05/13 Mike GrayMP3 | TXT

    Mike Gray's last visit with Drug Truth Network: Tribute to Mike Gray from Doug McVay and Steven Gutwillig, deputy executive director of Drug Policy Alliance.

  • 04/28/13 Robert RaichMP3 | TXT

    Robert Raich, attorney who took cannabis cases to the U.S. Supreme Court; Gavin Newsom, lieutenant governor of California; CBS and Washington Post examine cannabis solutions; song "War on Drugs is a Failure."

  • 04/21/13 James FademanMP3 | TXT

    James Fademan, author of "The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide"; Maria Mangini, nurse practitioner; Diana Slaterly on psychedelics and language; Tom Kingsly Brown of the University of California in San Diego.

  • 04/14/13 LucyMP3 | TXT

    Featuring "Lucy," one of the fugitive reporters of Blog Del Narco, who have a new book, "Dying for the Truth: Inside the Mexican Drug War"; Richard Feldman of the National Rifle Owners' Association; Terry Nelson of LEAP; Doug McVay, Bill O'Reilly vs. DTN; Ben Jealous of NAACP.

  • 04/07/13 Stephen GutwilligMP3 | TXT

    Report "The drug war is melting," featuring Stephen Gutwillig of Drug Policy Alliance, David Van Thournout of HempSaves.net and Phil Smith of Drug War Chronicle.

  • 03/31/13 Chris GoldsteinMP3 | TXT

    Chris Goldstein discusses efforts to change U.S. marijuana laws and hypocrisy in customs law; Mason Tvert of MPP; "Ralston Report" in Las Vegas on the $900,000 fine for boxer's use of marijuana.

  • 03/24/13 Jeff HergenratherMP3 | TXT

    Dr. Jeff Hergenrather on cannabis use for irritable bowels; Mimi Friedman of Colorado Patients group; and Dr. David Bearman, a California medical cannabis doctor.

  • 03/17/13 Robert NewmanMP3 | TXT

    Dr. Robert Newman on opioid use by pregnant women; Mathew Pappas, patient rights attorney, on U.S. governmen's hypocrisy to deny cannabis use when it knows it fights cancer; Doug McVay report on Russia scrimping on treatment dollars.

  • 03/10/13 Debbie GoldsberryMP3 | TXT

    From Washington, D.C.: Debbie Goldsberry on progress of marijuana laws; Aaron Houston of Students for Sensible Drug Policy; Michael McGuffin, president of the American Herbal Products Association; Aaron Prask of Canadian Cannabis Dispensaries; and Diane Fornbacher, co-chair of NORML Women's Alliance.

  • 03/03/13 Robert MelamedeMP3 | TXT

    From Washington, D.C.: Dr. Robert Melamede, president of Cannabis Science, Inc.; Howard Wooldridge, former police detective who now patrols the U.S. Congress seeking end of prohibition.

  • 02/24/13 Dale Skye JonesMP3 | TXT

    Report from Washington, D.C.: Dale Skye Jones, chancellor of Oaksterdam University; Gar Roberts of Medical Cannabis Advocates of Maryland; Trip Keiber of Dixie Elixirs; Doug McVay with Drug War Facts.

  • 02/17/13 Janet GoreeMP3 | TXT

    Janet Goree of November Coalition; Fox News on South Carolina Moms for Marijuana; Atlanta MDMA; news from Atlanta, Ga.

  • 02/10/13 Neill FranklinMP3 | TXT

    Neill Franklin, director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition; stories of Mexican ultraviolence and regaining control; Ethan Nadelmann debates Kevin Sabet; marijuana for cancer and for consultants.

  • 02/03/13 Terry NelsonMP3 | TXT

    New York Times story on mass suicides of U.S. veterans; former President Jimmy Carter discusses legalizing marijuana; Texas police conduct marijuana search; Terry Nelson of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

  • 01/27/13 Michael KrawitzMP3 | TXT

    Michael Krawitz of Patients Out of Time regarding veterans' access to cannabis; report from British Medical Association; Drug War death in Oklahoma; Indiana senator wants to decriminalize marijuana; Doug McVay with Drug War Facts; CNN report on medical marijuana; John Legend sings "The House I live In."

  • 01/20/13 Jodie EmeryMP3 | TXT

    Jodie Emery of Cannabis Culture, Baroness Meacher per BBC, Dan Savage, CNN on states' rights regarding marijuana, and Doug McVay of Drug War Facts.

  • 01/13/13 Cheryl ShumanMP3 | TXT

    Cheryl Shuman, the "Martha Stewart of marijuana"; Simpson honey oil recipe; NBC honey oil warning; San Diego mayor; Aaron Sandusky receives a sentence of 10 years.

  • 01/06/13 Patrick ClarkMP3 | TXT

    Patrick Clark of WeGrow discusses the 700 studies of medical marijuana; Adam Assenberg declared innocent of grow in Washington state; message from DFW NORML.