Century of Lies 2008

  • 12/30/08 - Jacob SullumMP3

    Jacob Sullum editor of Reason magazine, Russ Bellville producer of NORML's audio stash, Harvey Stein producer of new movie RX Cannabis

  • 12/23/08 - Rusty FlemingMP3 | TXT

    Rusty Fleming, director of Drug Wars - Silver or Lead, Paul Armentano of NORML, Al Byrne of Patients out of Time + Terry Nelson of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition on results of drug war in Mexico

  • 12/16/08 - Vikki HankinsMP3 | TXT

    Vikki Hankins who served 18 years behind bars for crack cocaine + Neal Peirce of the Washington Post + Terry Nelson of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition + Abolitionist Moment III

  • 12/09/08 - Barry CooperMP3 | TXT

    Dr. Jim Ketchum, author of "Chemical Warware-Secrets Almost Forgotten" which lifts the veil of LSD tests in US Army + Barry Cooper, former narcotics officer, producer of KopBusters video and Never Get Busted DVD

  • 12/02/08 - Kevin ZeeseMP3 | TXT

    Kevin Zeese, president of Common Sense for Drug Policy regarding the financial impact of the drug war and the US financial fiasco + Terry Nelson reports for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition + "commercial" for the Uri-Liminator!

  • 11/25/08 - Kris KraneMP3 | TXT

    Kris Krane, president of Students for Sensible Drug Policy discusses recent SSDP conference to celebrate their 10th anniversary + 7 years later, CIA found responsible for shooting missionary's plane from the sky + the Reagans just say "yes" to drugs

  • 11/18/08 - Ray ManzarekMP3 | TXT

    Ray Manzarek of the Doors recounts their rehearsal (high on weed), report from Australia on the benefits of hemp + NEWS that US HHS has a patent on marijuana

  • 11/11/08 - Cele CastilloMP3 | TXT

    Cele Castillo, former DEA agent, Iran-Contra whisteleblower & author of "Powderburns, Cocaine, Contras & the Drug War" + Terry Nelson Reports for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

  • 11/04/08 - Bruce MirkenMP3 | TXT

    Bruce Mirken of Marijuana Policy Project discusses election day progress in the drug war, Adam Assenberg broadcaster, Poppygate Report with Glenn Greenway, Reports from Australia: ABC - "federal police commissioner Mick Keelty says Australia needs to find a better way than arresting drug users" + Nimbin Australia report on efforts to shut down hemp bar and museum

  • 10/28/08 - Mikki NorrisMP3

    Mikki Norris of Cannabis Consumers Campaign, Jeff Jones of Oaksterdam University & Glenn Greenway with the Poppygate Report

  • 10/21/08 - James AnthonyMP3

    Pledge Drive Special with Reports from the National Organizatiion for Reform of Marijuana Laws conference in Berkeley California with Steve Bloom, former High Times Editor and author of Pot Culture + Attorney James Anthony

  • 10/14/08 - James P. GrayMP3 | TXT

    Judge James P. Gray, author of "Wearing the Robe, the Art and Responsibilities of Judging in Today's Courts", Dr. Norm Stamper, author of "Breaking Rank - A Top Cop's Expose" + Terry Nelson of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

  • 10/07/08 - Susan BoydMP3 | TXT

    Susan Boyd, author "From Witches to Crack Moms" + Fritz Wenzel of Zogby on poll: :"76% of Americans see drug war as failure"

  • 09/30/08 - Kurt SchmokeMP3

    Kurt Schmoke, former mayor of Baltimore, Deborah Peterson Small of BreakChains.org, Dr. Donald Vareen of NIDA + DTN Premiere of country version of Eternal War

  • 09/23/08 - Jack ColeMP3 | TXT

    Jack Cole director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition reports on recent trip to UK on behalf of LEAP

  • 09/16/08 - Jerry ParadisMP3 | TXT

    NOTE: Produced in advance of Hurrican Ike, (in case I have no electricity): Judge Jerry Paradis of Canada is touring New Zealand on behalf of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

  • 09/09/08 - Paul ArmentanoMP3 | TXT

    Paul Armentano, Deputy Director of National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws regarding forthcoming NORML convention + Ilia Gvozdenovic of Oaksterdam University + Broadcast Premiere of new song from "Adult Users": Eternal War

  • 09/02/08 - Richard Van WinklerMP3 | TXT

    Richard Van Wickler, superintendent for the Cheshire County (NH) Department of Corrections and member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

  • 08/26/08 - Graham BoydMP3 | TXT

    Graham Boyd of the American Civil Liberties Union + Valerie Corral of Wo/Mens Alliance for Medical Marijuana

  • 08/19/08 - Richard BurtonMP3 | TXT

    Richard P. Burton, Director of Project Reach & former chair of NAACP Prisoner Rights committee + Doug McVay of Drug War Fact & Misha Glenny discusses drug war on Charlie Rose/PBS

  • 08/12/08 - Arthur BurnettMP3 | TXT

    American Bar Association panel on drugs featuring Judge Arthur Burnett of NAADPC, Jay Rorty of ACLU and Judge Lynn Sharard

  • 08/05/08 - Barney FrankMP3 | TXT

    Marijuana: Threat or Menace? Featuring Congressmen Barney Frank & Ron Paul + Bruce Mirken of the Marijuana Policy Project, Terry Nelson of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and an extract from a BBC report featuring author Misha Glenny

  • 07/29/08 - Arthur BurnettMP3 | TXT

    Judge Arthur Burnett, director of National African American Drug Policy Coalition & Jay Rorty, Deputy Director of ACLU Drug Law Reform Project

  • 07/22/08 - Rick NoriegaMP3 | TXT

    Tex Rep Rick Noriega running for US Senate + Roger Goodman running for re-election as Wash state rep + Ada Fisher disses Obama's drug use

  • 07/15/08 - Norm StamperMP3

    Special with: Gatewood Galbreath, Norm Stamper, Carl Veley, Sanho Tree, Chuck Thomas, The "Marijuanalogues", Bruce Mirken, Ethan Nadelmann

  • 07/08/08 - John StosselMP3 | TXT

    ABC reporter John Stossel & DTN reporter Dean Becker spend the half hour discussing the drug war & Stossel's latest article at Townhall.com

  • 07/01/08 - Cliff ThorntonMP3 | TXT

    Cliff Thornton of Efficacy discusses the political implications of the drug war + Russ Bellville of NORML's audio stash opinion piece & Loretta Nall discusses Alabama's justice system

  • 06/24/08 - Richard WatkinsMP3 | TXT

    Richard Watkins a former Texas warden and current member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition + Eugene Fields, reporter with Orange County Register

  • 06/17/08 - Sylvester SalcedoMP3 | TXT

    Sylvester Salcedo, a former naval intelligence officer is running for State Rep as a Democrat in Connecticutt. He's also a spokesman for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

  • 06/10/08 - Dean BeckerMP3 | TXT

    Patients from around North America discuss their use of medical marijuana for numerous maladies and how it cuts down on their use of more dangerous and deadly pharmaceutical medicines.

  • 06/03/08 - Gary BlankenshipMP3 | TXT

    Gary Blankenship, president of Houston Police Officers Union + Drug War Facts with Doug McVay

  • 05/27/08 - Neal PeirceMP3 | TXT

    Washington Post writer Neal Peirce regarding Bush's Faulty Prescription for Mexican Drug Violence, Paul Armentano regarding use of cannabis for brain cancer and CNBC clip of marijuana businesses in California

  • 05/20/08 - Dean BeckerMP3

    4:20 Drug War NEWS reports selected from Feb 2007 to Jan 2008

  • 05/13/08 - Sanho TreeMP3 | TXT

    Sanho Tree reports on situation in Colombia, Phil Smith reports on situation in Mexico + Drug War Facts with Doug McVay

  • 05/06/08 - Doug HiattMP3 | TXT

    Douglas Hiatt a Seattle attorney discusses the death of Hep C patient Tim Garon who was refused a liver transplant because of his use of medical marijuana. Noted chemist Sasha Shulgin and his wife Ann discuss the passing of Dr. Albert Hofmann. Steven Wishnia gives the reasons why pot will soon be legal (and why it won't). Doug McVay with Drug War Facts

  • 04/29/08 - Barney FrankMP3 | TXT

    US Representative Barney Frank discusses marijuana bills now before US Congress + Fred Gardner seeks input from veterans, Corrupt Cop Story with Phil Smith & "Offical Government Truth" with Winston Francis

  • 04/22/08 - David DuncanMP3 | TXT

    Doctor David F. Duncan discusses the lack of valid science to support the policy of drug war + Poppygate Report with Glenn Greenway & DTN satire: "Oil Traders Heads on a Pole"

  • 04/15/08 - Jeff BlackburnMP3 | TXT

    Jeff Blackburn, head of Texas Innocence Project, Tulia defense atty & Amarillo medical marijuana case victor + Drug War Facts with Doug McVay

  • 04/08/08 - Richard LeeMP3 | TXT

    Reporting from the International Cannabis Therapeutics Convention in Monterey California with Richard Lee, Dr. Steve Hosea, Professor Joe White, Don Duncan of ASA, Jeff Jones and Nurse Francis Deforest.

  • 04/01/08 - Paul WrightMP3

    Mass Imprisonment extract from KUOW in Seattle featuring Paul Wright of Prison Legal News

  • 03/25/08 - Eric SterlingMP3

    Eric Sterling, President of the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation regarding violations of constitutional amendments by processes of the drug war + Doug McVay regarding drug reform in America

  • 03/18/08 - Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay, director of research for Common Sense for Drug Policy and editor of Drug War Facts reports from Vienna, Austria on the 51st annual meeting of the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs with Boaz Wachtel, executive director of the Green Leaf Party of Israel, Richard Elliott, Executive Director, Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, Eric Carlin, executive director of Mentor UK and a vice chair in the VNGOC and Mike Trace, co-founder and co-coordinator of the International Drug Policy Consortium.

  • 03/11/08 - Virginia McDavidMP3 | TXT

    Virginia McDavid, running for a congressional seat in the state of Texas dares to discuss the need for change to our drug laws + NPR interview of "The Wire" writer & extract from "Faces of Colombia"

  • 03/04/08 - Phil SmithMP3 | TXT

    Phil Smith of StopTheDrugWar.org discusses empowerment of criminals through the drug laws + Al Byrne of Patients Out of Time re med marijuana convention

  • 02/26/08 - Mark BennettMP3 | TXT

    LEAP speaker Dean Becker interviews Mark Bennett, incoming head of the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association regarding the DA scandal, the jail scandal, the decades long and ineffective waging of the drug war. Pt 2

  • 02/19/08 - Dean BeckerMP3

    The top 12 most dangerous drugs, according to the Lancet and as produced by the BBC.

  • 02/12/08 - Robert MelameadeMP3 | TXT

    Doctor Robert Melameade describes the endocanabinoid system and the ways that cannabis affects the human body + Doug McVay with Drug War Facts about opium in Afghanistan

  • 02/05/08 - Edwin C SandersMP3 | TXT

    "Black America: The Debate Within" , (Pt 2) a panel discussion from New Orleans drug conference featuring Rev. Edwin Sanders, Naomi Long, Prof. James Peterson and Prof. Glenn Loury + Doug McVay with "Drug War Facts"

  • 01/29/08 - Paul WrightMP3 | TXT

    Paul Wright, editor of Prison Legal News discusses "Prison Profiteers - Who Makes Money From Mass Incarceration" the new book he co-edited.

  • 01/22/08 - Edwin C. SandersMP3 | TXT

    "Black America: The Debate Within" panel discussion from New Orleans drug conference featuring Rev. Edwin Sanders, Naomi Long, Prof. James Peterson and Prof. Glenn Loury.

  • 01/15/08 - Dominic HoldenMP3 | TXT

    Dominic Holden re the harms of drug prohibition. Marc Emery faces 5 years in prison for selling seeds. Bruce Mirken of Marijuana Policy Project re police killing of medical marijuana patient. Phil Smith re widespread swat raids on drug users.

  • 01/08/08 - Marc EmeryMP3 | TXT

    Marc Emery, Canada's "Prince of Pot" discusses his forthcoming extradition hearing to send him to the US for a potential life sentence for exporting marijuana seeds + Paul Wright, publisher of Prison Legal News.

  • 01/01/08 - Kathleen Kane WillisMP3

    Drug Panel: Against the odds, reversing the personal and cultural impact of incarceration with Silja Talvi author Women Behind Bars & Kathleen Kane Willis, Dir Consortium On Drug Policy