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Nature-based Solutions

Natural solutions that emphasize photosynthesis as a means to reduce atmospheric concentrations of CO2 are gaining attention. We have convened a group of stakeholders — corporations, land owners, government agencies, NGOs and academics — to develop a soil carbon storage market that will enable increased uptake of CO2 in soils of prairies, farms, ranches and grasslands of Texas. In addition to providing an important economic benefit to both landowners and emitters, such a market provides a basis for an expanded rural economy, and carries co-benefits for Texas’ water supply, contributes to flood resilience in coastal regions, and restores local ecosystems.


Industrial Carbon Capture and Hydrogen

The concentration of industry in Texas makes it an ideal location to scale technologies like carbon capture and storage (CCS) and for expanding the use of hydrogen. Recognizing this, Rice University has convened a group of leading companies, NGOs, and academics to explore pathways for policy to catalyze these low-carbon options and reduce emissions from this hard-to-mitigate sector.



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