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Energy & Environment

Our Vision:

Adopting an interdisciplinary approach that takes into consideration scientific analysis of environmental measurements to inform policy analysis is a core function of the CES Program in Energy and Environment. This program will be especially relevant to local policy issues that have emerged in response to the upstream renaissance that has occurred in the United States, such as groundwater and air quality around well sites. In collaboration with faculty from Rice’s Wiess School of Natural Sciences and Brown School of Engineering, the Program for Energy and Environment will unite preeminent scientific researchers with Baker Institute fellows who have access to government agencies and industry leaders with the aim of achieving socially efficient outcomes.

As new technologies and resources become available, industries and policymakers will have to adapt and create new regulations on the collection, distribution and use of energy products. Regardless of which governing authority regulates environmental standards within the energy industry, sound, nonpartisan research will be needed.

Past Research Initiatives: