Rice University's Baker Institute Staff

Contact Maria Armenta

Maria Armenta

Administrative Coordinator

Contact Robert Barron

Robert Barron

Policy Assistant to the Director

Contact Joanna Bruso

Joanna Bruso

Staff Editor

Contact Anne Dayton

Anne Dayton

Research Manager, McNair Center

Contact Regina Dennis

Regina Dennis

Staff Editor

Contact Starr Dickerson

Starr Dickerson

Assistant Director of Development - Stewardship

Contact Jeff Falk

Jeff Falk

Associate Director of National Media Relations

Contact Sonja D. Fulbright

Sonja D. Fulbright

Assistant Director of Design

Contact Lianne Hart

Lianne Hart

Editorial Director

Contact Christene Kimmel

Christene Kimmel

Director of Development

Contact Emily Kinkaid

Emily Kinkaid

Assistant Development Officer

Contact Brenda K. Laymance

Brenda K. Laymance

Administrator, Center for Health and Biosciences

Contact J.E. Lyons

J.E. Lyons

Logistics Manager

Contact Giovanna Marciano

Giovanna Marciano

Director of Finance

Contact Kim Murphy

Kim Murphy

Executive Assistant to the Director

Contact Andrew Murillo

Andrew Murillo

Audiovisual Specialist

Contact Rafael Nuñez

Rafael Nuñez

Web Manager

Contact Shawn O'Neill

Shawn O'Neill

Graphic Designer

Contact Daniel Padilla

Daniel Padilla

Audiovisual Technician

Contact Christine Pfeffer

Christine Pfeffer

Financial Coordinator

Contact Macy Pruitt

Macy Pruitt

Events Coordinator

Contact Ben Stevenson

Ben Stevenson

Director of Operations and Planning

Contact Melissa Vossler

Melissa Vossler

Program Administrator, Center for Energy Studies

Contact Lisa Winfrey

Lisa Winfrey

Grants Specialist

Contact Kevin Young

Kevin Young

Audiovisual Manager