Internships at the Mexico Center

The Baker Institute offers an internship program designed to provide Rice University undergraduate students with public policy experience and exposure to a nonprofit think tank environment.

The Mexico Center offers Rice undergraduate students research or administrative internship opportunities. Research interns work directly with institute fellows and scholars on critical policy issues in Mexico. Interns work with senior staff in a professional office environment, providing essential support in a security-sensitive setting.

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Fall 2016



Benito Aranda-Comer '17 is an undergraduate student at Rice University majoring in Latin American studies and history with a minor in poverty, justice and human capabilities. Since arriving at Rice he has taken advantage of every opportunity to learn about Latin America's contemporary issues, and has traveled to Cuba, Argentina, Colombia and extensively within Brazil.


Marcela Benavides '17 is an undergraduate student at Rice University majoring in political science and Latin American studies.


Danya Kachkou '17 is an undergraduate student at Rice University majoring in sociology and policy studies with a concentration in social change. Her research interests include education, human rights, gender issues and international relations, specifically between the United States and Latin America. She plans to study abroad in her time at Rice and hopes to pursue a law degree after graduation.


Jie Liao is a student at Rice University pursuing a Masters in Statistics. She also earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Huazhong University of Science & Technology in China. Her research interests include predictive modeling, data mining, and statistical analysis.


Chunshan (Kelly) Liu is a Masters student at Rice University majoring in statistics. She is responsible for data mining, organizing and maintaining databases, creating infographics, and building websites for interactive data visualization. Her research in Mexico center focuses on Mexican public policy issues and the U.S.-Mexico binational relationship.